Milton Keynes

Autumn Term 2020

First Half: 13th September – 25th October (7 sessions)

Our half term weekend off is 31st October/1st November

Second Half: 8th November – 13th December (6 sessions)

Session times

Our Milton Keynes sessions take place on Sundays at the following times:

Age Groups

Years 2&3

Years 4&5

Years 6&7

Session Times

8:35 am – 9:20 am

9:25 am – 10:10 am

10:15 am -11:00 am


Our full term is priced at £8 x the number sessions.

Purchases midway through the term will only be charged for the remaining weeks at £8 per session.

Venue information

Oakgrove Leisure Centre/Oakgrove School
Brickhill St
Milton Keynes
MK10 9JQ

Our Milton Keynes sessions take place on outdoor courts and we do go ahead in all weathers! We only cancel sessions when the courts are not safe such as thunder/lightening/ice. The netball courts are next to the car park.

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