The Mighty Manifesto

Mighty Netball: our manifesto


Here at Mighty Netball, we are proud to champion a set of beliefs that foster a community of fun, inclusivity, reward and development. Our programme has been created by experts to ensure that all children attending can enjoy a balanced experience that sees effort in all areas rewarded with praise and positive reinforcement.

Instilled into the core of the entire Mighty Netball team, and underlying everything we do as an organisation, are 10 intrinsic commitments:

1. We welcome everyone

Mighty Netball is a friendly, inclusive community that welcomes each and every child, regardless of their background, gender, sporting ability, or personality type.

2. We celebrate effort

We recognise that achievement comes in many shapes and sizes. Our emphasis is always on effort, participation and attitude.

3. We support everyone equally

Mighty Netball sessions foster a non-judgemental sporting environment in which all participants feel included, supported and safe. Our coaches are friendly and nurturing, and children are encouraged to praise one another’s efforts and support their team mates wherever possible.

4. We promote the values of team sport

Rather than focussing solely on winning and competition, Mighty Netball sees sport as a vehicle to confidence, self-worth and happiness. We recognise the lessons that team sports can teach and we promote the values of working together and achieving goals in everything we do.

5. We stay active

Mighty Netball provides children with an opportunity to stay active whilst having fun. During our sessions, children are given the chance to run around, be boisterous, be physical, use up energy and develop motor and social skills, thus keeping fit whilst having fun.

6. We champion role models

The focus of all of our sessions is on inspiring young people through sport. Our coaches are all strong, determined and vibrant individuals who give our participants, particularly the girls, someone to look up to.

7. We celebrate difference

All children are different – that’s what makes them Mighty. We encourage our children to be themselves, to embrace what makes them unique, and to believe in their own potential.

8. We respect individual needs

Similarly, we understand that not everyone learns, participates or develops in exactly the same way. We respect the needs of every, individual child and are happy to adapt our coaching style in order to provide the best possible experience for each and every participant.

If your child has a disability or learning difficulty, or a specific concern about any aspects of traditional sporting activities, please get in touch for more information about how we can tailor Mighty Netball sessions to suit their individual needs.

9. We put fun first

We believe that fun is fundamental. We are proud of the fact that our children consistently cite sheer enjoyment as their reason for returning to Mighty Netball time and time again. It is fun that drives everything that we do, and fun that will help develop self-confidence, proficiency and a lifelong love of sport.

10. We value your opinion

Mighty Netball listens – to our parents, our coaches and, of course, our children. We value the opinions of everyone within the Mighty Netball community and actively encourage questions and feedback.